Project Reach: Charity Fashion Fundraising Event

I am sooooo very excited to be participating in the Project Reach Fashion Show!! Having to opportunity to show my work and help this cause is like eating ice cream without any calories!! ;) 

Fashion joins the International Community Saturday, Sept 25, 2010 from 7:30pm- 1:00am at the Diamond Palace in Fremont, CA. Project Reach: Charity Fashion Fundraising Event - a benefit for the needy children of Afghanistan and the celebration of Eid: a festive season for all the Muslims around the world when the holy month of Ramadan ends. This is going to be an amazing event featuring some of the most amazing fashion designers on the Bay Area Fashion scene such as Debbie Nghiem, Anya Zuyeva, Indu Arora, Constance Ng, and Candice Janeen as well as one of the Bay Area's most creative Jewelry Designers Semiha Durak and a host of the most beautiful models to ever grace the Bay Area runways all coming together for one night to celebrate such an amazing cause. This a sold out event, with the fashion show being organized and produced by the dynamic duo Shaun McClendon and Zeeba Hakimi - Project Reach


Photography: Stephanie Maulding

Model: Christina Bailey

Clothing Designer: Anya Zuyeva

Fashion Producer: Shaun McClendon & Zeeba Hakimi

Candice Janeen