Chance Fashion Show

I participated in the Chance Fashion Show at the SFSupper Club put on by Ryan Muller of  Active Entertainment based out of Seattle (my home state yay!).  The line up consisted of three SF designers and three Seattle designers.  It was great show and I met some amazing people!  The pieces I showed are a combination of two collections Inflorescence and Vinyasa.  Vinyasa is a chic casual active life line I am creating that will satisfy the active and busy life styles we ladies have.  All pieces are made of 100% cotton jersey.  Inflorescence is my collection inspired by beautiful flowers I photographed from different parks in San Francisco.  I used denim, cotton, and beautifully flower embroidered polyester shantung.

I have posted of few of my favorite pics from the show! 

Photos Courtesy of Active Entertainment, Ryan Muller, Mariya Novitski, Alan Russo

Models: Queen B, Sara Pirami, Havsa Hulsha, Elisabeth Grzejka, Bianca Beatrice, Sabrina Signs, Amber Von