Pajama Party

I feel as though I have been a pajama factory these days!  Many moons ago I started making pajamas for my for my nephews, it soon started trickling into making them for other family members and than people started requesting them! 

As you know I like to use as much of the fabric as possible to reduce waste.  This year I ended up having just enough left over to do something with but, not enough to make a matching top for some of the pants.  Than it dawned on me - pillowcase - how fun would it be to have a matching pillowcase and pajama pants!  I mean who wouldn't want to be the coolest kid at the slumber party.

I started working on creating sets with things such as matching sleeping masks, headbands for your nightly regime, not to forget pillows and toys for your favorite pooch. 

Treat yourself or give the gift of coziness and make someone feel special while they slumber! 

Made to order contact for information on options and pricing.