Fat Bottomed Girls

When you get to check things off your bucket list you didn’t realize were on it! I had the amazing opportunity to perform at the YBCA this past December, lead by our fearless Queen Aimee Zawits dancer and choreographer. Getting to share this experience with so many amazing women was one for the books. I loved having rehearsal with them every Sunday learning the dance and sharing our passion for this project.

Not only did I get to perform but, I was also blessed with the opportunity (thank you Mimz) of doing the costumes. I mean getting to combine my passion for fashion and dance!! It was a amazing and difficult all at the same time - Dead! We decided to go full out color and glitter hand printed queen shirts with a medley of bodysuits, leggings, and hot pants! Everyone looked amazing and cut there t shirts up to reflect their personal style. All of the hard work and sweat, we had reached showtime which is so bittersweet. Ready to get into full glam and walk out onto that stage whilst knowing that the following Sunday wouldn’t be the same.

I realized so much about myself through this and pushed myself physically and mentally. Nothing can come close to the energy and inspiration that comes from working with strong powerful women. It was a life changing experience and I am forever thankful.

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