Yellow Bandana

Decked out in yellow I am.  This fabric was probably intended for sleepwear but, I made this for my Bollywood showcase look.  This fabric is so freaking soft when I finished the pants I literally wanted to take a nap and lounge around.   We had the option of black, white, and yellow and of course I went with yellow. I combined a shrug and a light cowl neck tank top to create the top and a simple wide leg pant.  I love the matching look together and I look forward to intermingling them with other pieces in my wardrobe.  I can dance and do cocktails afterwards with a quick change of accessories. 

Color feeds my energy and I feel powerful in one or multiple colors.  The most important thing about personal style is whatever your style is to really wear it.  Stand proud and own it.  If you are wearing pieces that don't fit right, too small, too big or you don't feel powerful in that will inevitably shine through.  There is no denying that what we wear affects how we feel and I don't know about you but, I want to feel damn good!