When your path crosses with someone who unexpectedly changes your world for the better.  I am beyond thankful.  This was an amazing creative experience and collaboration.  It was my first time costuming a dance performance.  Luckily with fashion whether group or individual the same design rules apply. 

The theme of the performance was Queen Power.  We decided to go with the super bright paint splatter fabric and originally white queen tee’s but, I will get to that later.  It was all about bright, glitter, pop I am in the room color!  I broke the dancers into three style sections body suit, leggings, + shorts.  I wanted there to be a slight visual break in the costumes but, still a cohesive unit.  I had twenty costumes to make and ran many scenarios of how to go into production.  It is very different then custom no fittings, no muslins, just measurements.  The gal at the fabric store thought I was crazy when I asked her to cut 40 yards of elastic.

Once I got all of the paint splatter pieces done it was onto the Queen shirts.  Sooooo, we were originally going with a white shirt color logo.  Since there was so much going on with the base fabric, I thought it would be a nice contrast.  I grabbed a pair of leggings and headed to the craft store to buy t shirts.  If you have ever been you know the giant rainbow wall of color options.  I go to the white ones and start checking sizes but, I am being pulled to another color called safety green.  I immediately pulled one down and I knew it was the color.  The white shirt completely washed the pollack print out and wasn’t going to work.  Safety green however, was beautiful against the leggings.  It was Thanksgiving week and Mimz was traveling so, I decided to act now ask for forgiveness later – lol!  I knew with every part of my creative being it was the right choice.  I decided to print all of the shirts before, telling her I had changed the color Tee Hee!  Everything turned out amazing!

Aimee you inspire more ways than you know and I am forever grateful to have you in my life.  I love you to the moon! Can’t wait for the next magic project.

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