Dangerous Type

How bad ass do I feel in this outfit. I like the fabric so much from queen I had to buy more for myself. I am playing around with using this 4 way stretch in nontraditional garments. For the crop it I decided to do inset sleeves. I was a little worried about the gathering being a little too bulky on the shoulder seam but, it worked beautifully!  I love that I can go out dancing and still be able to drop it down low and not be restricted – Holla!

For the most part when I shoot, I never have an exact location in mind to shoot.  I literally just walk around and let the perfect place find me.  We had a break in the rain and I really wanted to shoot while it was dry.  It was super funny because, when I was getting ready, I thought I totally look like I am an extra for Dukes of Hazard.  Then I stumbled across this beautiful car that could have come out of the show!  Are you kidding me!  Even funnier the owner of the car happened to come out.  All was good he asked me “so, you like my car” lol.  It’s a really fun way to explore the nooks of my neighborhood.