Half As Much As Me

This is an outfit I made for a dance showcase I performed in a few moons ago.  I was instantly drawn to beautiful unicorn colors swirling together with an overlay of shine.  I totally feel like a unicorn super hero in this outfit.  This look for me represents the duality within me.  I am of course half human half beast – shout out to my fellow Sagittarians!  I had to push through some body issues to wear this look.  I know especially for women the practice of self-love is a daily battle.  We are bombarded by people’s and the medias opinion of what we should look like.  As though somehow, we are not valuable as a human being if we don’t fit into the current body type the is trending.

In this age of self-love being everywhere, it saddens me to see so, many women on social media drastically altering the shapes of their bodies in photos to appear to be something they are not.  I mean how hard it must be to only see yourself through a photoshopped photo on Instagram.

I understand all to well the impact cruel words can have on one’s body and how that affects the way we can see ourselves. When I was younger, I used to take these things personal.  I have lived life in all different sizes (sm, med, + large) I have heard it all your too fat, your too thin, your too sexy, your too pink and wear you wear way too much glitter. Are you are wearing shorts with all of that cellulite on your legs?

Yes, Bitch I am!  

I no longer give anytime or energy to the opinions about me or my body from others.  I understand that they are hurting from their own issues with low self-esteem and insecurities.  I truly empathize with them and I say this with love but, they and their opinions can go fuck themselves because, that is not my burden to carry (half human half beast).

Self-love is beyond our physical bodies.  It is the power and strength of our minds.  When we value ourselves has human beings and what we have to offer the world the physical falls into place. 

I am thankful for my body everyday because, it allows me to do all of the things in this world I want to do.  I am thankful to being strong on the inside and out.  Never let anyone make you feel bad or less about who you are.  You are beautiful exactly as you are right now!  We are all made of stardust, water, and energy and I think that is pretty fucking magical. To make positive change in the world we must first make positive change in ourselves!

Choose love!