Highway Unicorn

This was a super fun project for me! It’s sort of was like seeing a unicorn in many ways, I actually think we may have encountered few of Mim’z spirit guides during the shoot. This was glam and dance outfit I made for her birthday celebration but, was not the original idea. It started off as something completely different which included lots of sequins. I was at the fabric store (shocking I know) and stumbled across this beautiful rose gold stretch velvet. Like a moth to a flame I knew instantly this was the fabric for the dress. It shines, soft to the touch, perfect for cocktail, and enough stretch to get your dance jam on.

Thankfully I had her full trust because, she had no idea what the final look was going to be. I arrived at her house literally an hour or so before, the birthday festivities began with the dress - surprise Happy Birthday I hope it fits!! It did - insert sigh of relief! The best part is seeing the garment come alive on the person it was designed for. Second best part is getting to shoot it. I have been waiting patiently to get this beautiful spirit in front of the camera. I feel blessed to have this friendship and to be able to creatively collaborate with and I am excited about the upcoming magical projects in the making.