Born Free

I was on the fence of doing a fourth of July inspired outfit.  I am not really a patriotic person in general but, I found these heart flag sunnies a few months back that kept calling out for an outfit.  I was actually thinking red fabric at first but, came across this stretch velour at Fabric Outlet on clearance no less.  The funny thing is even sitting there at the store I was still debating whether or not I was going to make an outfit.

The sticky wicked of Independence Day! On one hand it’s a beautiful thing celebrating freedom but, how do we ignore the freedom we continue to deny others in this country.  I mean w cloak ourselves in the feel-good words of the constitution of all men are created equal but, we don’t treat each other as equal.  What are words if they have no action behind them?

Obviously, I decided to make an outfit.  A two-piece jumpsuit that is so comfortable I literally took a nap when I got home from shooting without changing.  White is not a go to color for me but, the universe always has my back.  That is what I love about creativity it really teaches us how to go with the flow.  So, I celebrate that one day we as Americans can truly celebrate each other and freedom for all not matter what your race, sex, or orientation is.  Choose Love!!