Hello hot summer day! I could sleep in this dress it is so comfortable! Another piece from the stretch velvet. I wanted a dress but, wasn’t sure exactly where it was going. I love asymmetrical anything really I love the line it creates. My shoulders and collar bones are one of my favorite elements to highlight. I love these boots I have had them forever. They are not the most comfortable pair shoes I own but, what par really is.

This photo shoot really got me thinking about the peacock. I was having a bit of writers block I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with this story. I was chatting with my girl friend about it and she she suggested looking up peacocks for inspiration. Funny thing the universe in all it’s magic was exactly what I needed to see. In Native American symbolism, Peacock has positive connotations including wellness, poise, and splendor. Peacock medicine is very powerful and often used by Shamans for awakening clairvoyant abilities. Peacock feathers feature strongly in many healing rituals. Peacocks lesson is knowing when to display your aptitudes and when to remain humble.

The healing process is really fucking hard. Facing the the why of all the shit we have been carrying around is intense. Learning to forgive the people that hurt you, forgiving yourself, and even understanding the why of it all can be overwhelming. There are so many layers peel to get to the source of the pain because, over the years not dealing we just keep adding more bandages to the gun shot wound. My healing journey started about six years ago. I was in a very dark place and was struggling to breath. I hit a breaking point and had to deal with it. I would not be able to move forward and live my life fully if I didn’t. I could stay stuck with a roll of bandages or face the pain and heal the wound.

As brutally hard as it is to face the pain and let all of those feelings really come to the surface it’s worth it. Sometimes I thought is this ever going to end, will the tears ever stop flowing? Slowly but, surly they did. Each layer that I took off gave me more clarity and understanding allowing me to let it go and start on the next layer. Right now I am transitioning from the person I was into the person I am now. So, it’s fitting that the peacock spirit is showing up at this moment. I am beyond grateful for my life and all of the lessons, pain, happiness, that I have experience because, without it I wouldn’t be who I am.