Ice Cream Phoenix

I didn’t know what to do with the rest of the palm tree fabric until this idea came in. I am so glad I had initially bought a yard or so more of the fabric. By the time I made it back to the store it was sold out. I love the creative process! For me it usually begins with the fabric. Sometimes I buy it and create a piece right away other times I marinate on it an wait for a light bulb to go off. I love making collections sketching out the ideas mix and matching all of the pieces to make a story but, I also love creating just a few looks out of a few yards of fabric. This jumper is so comfortable, has pockets, and versatile. I can wear dancing or dress it up, or sleep in it - seriously!

It is the same thing with the buildings I find to shoot for my looks. I usually just happen across them! I originally had a few ideas for this look but, I held off and for good reason! It’s like the building was painted for my outfit - not reall but, really!

I am so happy to be feeling better and getting back in the groove. I have had so, much time to really go inward work on my healing and in the process was flooded with so many ideas for the rest of the year. I mean it is August when did that happen. I am sooo excited to share all of these projects with you.